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When looking for the best Yamaha keyboard piano, you want to look for a piano with high sound quality, good key action, numerous features, portability, and an affordable price. Luckily for you, Yamaha has some of the highest-quality keyboard pianos on the market, and all options fit these criteria.

However, I know that everyone looking for the best Yamaha keyboard has a different use case and financial situation, so I built this list to show potential buyers the best options for their specific needs.

If you need some help deciding what keyboard piano is best for you, check out the characteristics below and think about them while making your decision:

  • Size
  • Number of keys
  • Polyphony (the number of notes you can play at the same time)
  • Number of voices
  • Key action
  • Price


A Quick Look: Best Yamaha Keyboards

Yamaha P45 88 Key

yamaha p45

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Full Summary

These speakers for digital pianos connect via Bluetooth wireless or a 3.5mm cable. This allows you to connect easily to all types of devices. Additionally, the easy switch technology lets you hook up to your piano keyboard and phone at the same time and switch seamlessly between them. 

The set includes two speakers. Each has one powered driver to deliver a full range of audio, and one passive radiator for that extra bass. On-speaker headphone jack plus convenient controls for easy access to Bluetooth wireless pairing, power, and Volume adjustments.

These best speakers for piano keyboards work with Bluetooth-enabled devices, and anything with 3.5mm like piano keyboards, tablets, computers, and many other devices. 


  • A wired or Bluetooth connection allows you to use a range of devices beyond just keyboard pianos
  • Good sound quality
  • Compact design fits almost anywhere


  • Not the best sound quality if you want to use it for other purposes than a keyboard piano

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If you are looking for quality speakers for keyboard pianos, Amazon Basics are a great budget option, offering exceptional sound quality for under $30. For the highest quality option, go with the Bose keyboard piano speakers. No matter what you choose, speakers are a great addition to the best keyboard piano.