How to Pick the Best Keyboard Piano for Beginners to Learn With

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If you’re looking to purchase the best keyboard piano for beginners to learn on, you’re in the right place.  Playing the piano keyboard is becoming more and more popular for kids and adults to start. With all the free piano tutorials on YouTube and other sources, learning how to play the keyboard has never been easier.

Before you beginners purchase a keyboard piano, there are a few things you want to think about:

  • Do you want it to be portable?
  • How many keys do you want?
  • Do you want weighted keys?
  • What features do you need?
  • Does it need to include accessories?
  • What’s your price range?

In the following guide, I’ll help you to answer all of these questions, then provide you with a few options for the best keyboard piano for beginners to learn on.

Best Keyboard Piano For Beginners From Amazon

  • The RockJam 5061 keyboard piano super kit includes a digital keyboard with 61 full-size keys giving you that traditional piano feel whilst maintaining a portable and compact design that can be powered by either mains (power supply included) or batteries
  • This RockJam 5061 piano keyboard features a LED panel that both displays and engages the 200 rhythms, 200 tones, a teaching function, and 30 demo songs that are part of its functionality
  • The RockJam 5061 electric piano has record and playback functionality allowing you to build layers to your sound and an aux input so you can play along to your favorite songs
  • This music keyboard super kit package includes a keyboard stand that is sturdy in design and can be adjusted to suit keyboard piano players both young and old
  • This electric piano keyboard super kit contains a padded seat that is easily folded and has a thick padded seat for hours of comfortable play
  • Feature Packed Digital Piano for Beginners – Portable Electric keyboard piano with 61 premium piano style keys and built in speakers for practicing and performing to your friends and family
  • Premium Electric Piano Keyboard Sounds - 300 voices (including Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Strings, Organ, Synth, Drums and more); intuitive Layer & split modes to develop your keyboard skills, You can even record your own songs using the “Record” mode
  • Practice Makes Perfect - ¼” stereo headphone output mutes the built in speakers; 40 Demo songs; accompaniment mode with 300 built-in rhythms; built in record feature for recording your performance
  • Powerful Educational Features - Skoove 3 month premium subscription for interactive online piano lessons; Two months of live video lessons from TakeLessons
  • Everything you Need - Includes an easy-to-assemble stand, a bench with three adjustable height settings, headphones, a music rest, a power adapter and a microphone for singing along while you play
  • Standard piano keys keyboard with MP3 player function. Perfect standard 61-key keyboard for beginners. Unique music player function-mp3p (USB disk not included)
  • Includes 255 timbres, 255rhythms and 50 demonstration songs. Produces high quality sounds and effects. Provides players with colorful and fantastic playing experience
  • High-quality LED display. Multifunctional LED screen. Sensitive reflects functions/effects chosen or guides correct notes to press in demo songs. Helps players better learn and control
  • Multiple PATTERNS&FUNCTIONS. Keyboard percussion, master volume/ accom volume/ tempo control, single finger/ fingered chord, start/ stop/ sync/ fill-in etc
  • Complete set with everything needed. This pack contains music stand, headphone, keyboard stand, music Stool, DC 9V/AC adaptor. Everything needed for keyboard performance is well provided
  • STANDARD SIZE ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD: Complete with 61 keys, 255 timbres, 255 rhythms, 50 demo songs, 32 types of keyboard percussion, and a starting tempo of 120 BPM
  • ULTIMATE BUNDLE, GREAT GIFT: With an H-style keyboard stand, music stand, padded stool, and more, it makes for the perfect birthday or holiday present for any aspiring musician
  • 3 TEACHING MODES: One-Key, Follow, and Ensemble modes provide lessons for novice players. LCD display, light-up keys, recorder with playback, and piano note stickers help them learn to read music
  • QUALITY SOUND: Perform a recital with built-in speakers, headphones, a rhythm programmer, and music player function that help to find the perfect sound and re-create classic music pieces
  • USB PORT: Plug in and play along to songs stored on a USB and let your creative side out as you add your own meoldies or rhythm to background music; KEYBOARD DIMENSIONS: 36.4"(L) x 12"(W) x 3.7"(H)
  • Hundreds of high quality voices, complemented by Drum kits and Special FX kits, that bring variety and authenticity to your music
  • Whether you are playing country, rock and roll, or a samba, styles bring your music to life by adding natural feeling accompaniment instruments to your playing
  • Smart Chord lets you play great-sounding chords from simple Pop triads to complex jazz 7th chords with only a single finger
  • 61 full-sized keys are great for learning and developing keyboard playing technique
  • Quiz mode makes learning fun by turning it into a game. Tuning Range- 427.0 - 440.0 - 453.0 Hz (approx.0.2Hz Increments)

How to Choose Your Keyboard Piano for Beginners?


Do you need to move your keyboard piano? If you are going to be commuting to and from lessons, or plan on taking your keyboard over to a friend’s house to study, you need to make sure your keyboard is portable enough to do so.

Keyboard pianos for beginners come in many lengths, weights, and complexity. If you are going to be traveling by car, you need to make sure the keyboard is small enough to fit inside and light enough for you to carry. Most cars are more than capable of handling a 61 key keyboard piano, the size I recommend most for beginners.

The more complex a keyboard piano, the harder it will be to transport.  By complexity, I’m referring to buttons for sound control, foot pedals, and if it needs to be on a stand. The more basic a piano, the easier it will be to transfer without breaking.

Number of Keys

When you are looking for portability, 61 or fewer keys is what you need. If you go smaller than 61, you will lose some functionality, so 61 is best. With 61 keys on your beginner keyboard piano, you’ll be able to play most music you hear on the radio, and you will never run out of new songs to learn 61 keys. However, 61 key keyboards are hobby keyboards, and if you inspire to play pro, or play classical music, you’ll want to get an 88 key keyboard piano.

76 key keyboard pianos are good enough to play on at gigs, and still remain fairly portable. Like 61 key keyboards, you won’t be able to play classical music on this keyboard, but there are still plenty of song options to learn. These are good size keyboards for beginners who want something bigger than a 61 key, but don’t need a full size keyboard piano.

88 key keyboard pianos are going to quite a bit longer and heavier than other options, but if you inspire to be a pro, or play classical music, you’ll need the full 88 keys. These keyboard pianos are going to be a bit more pricey than smaller options, but worth it if you are serious about your music.

Weighted Keys

Weighted keys are an absolute must-have to play classical pieces. They give you dynamic control over the keys, meaning the harder you press, the louder the sound will be. For children, someone buying a keyboard just to mess around with, or make digital music, you probably don’t need weighted keys, and standard keyboard pianos are a good deal cheaper.

Some keyboard pianos also have semi-weighted, or touch sensitive keys. This will provide the dynamic feel I mentioned earlier, but it won’t give the traditional piano feel that some pros want. Although many budget keyboard pianos for beginners don’t include weighted keys, for aspiring professionals, it’s best to spend the extra money and get a keyboard piano with fully weighted keys.


Even affordable keyboard pianos for beginners under $150 have great features nowadays. When looking at the features you need, here are the main ones available:

  • Voices – common voices include piano keyboards, grand piano, drums, and organ. These allow you to give your keyboard piano for beginners different sounds.
  • Split mode – allows you and an instructor to play side by side. Each side of the keyboard piano can be set to play the same notes, so if you have an 88 key keyboard piano, it would be like having two 44 key keyboard pianos side by side.
  • Layering mode – lets you add a chorus or other melody to what you are currently playing.
  • Play along song – most keyboard pianos include built-in beats to play along with. They help you set a tempo and learn how to play along with drums.
  • Learning materials – keyboards like the Alesis Recital Pro come with two months of free lessons included in your purchase. Certain keyboards also have light up keys to play along with.
  • Connectivity – if you want to hook up piano keyboard speakers, a microphone, or other accessories, you’ll need to make sure your keyboard has the right ports to do so.


Common accessories included with the best keyboard pianos for beginners to learn on include a stand, mic, seat, and sustain pedal. Keyboard pianos that include all of these items are usually called “kits” and can be as cheap as $150. They provide you with everything to start playing right out of the box. My favorite kit for beginners is the RockJam 61 Key Kit.


This one is pretty self-explanatory, but price is one of the main factors for people when it comes to any purchase. If you want something under $100, you’ll only find cheap keyboards that help you learn, but feel toy-like and will have 61 keys tops. In the $100 to $200 range, you can find some of the best keyboard pianos for beginners on a budget. Best of all, they’ll include everything you need to start playing right away.

For over $300, you can start to find some weighted key options with 88 keys, but you’ll likely need to spend closer to $400 to get a decent model. When you’re already spending $300, it’s better to just pay the extra $100 and get a very well respect keyboard like the Yamaha P71 Keyboard. It’s one of the best keyboards on the market, with weighted keys under $500.


When looking for the best piano keyboard for beginners, there are many factors to consider. The main ones are price and number of keys. For budget concious buyers, check out the RockJam 61 Key Kit. Whereas, those aspiring to be professional one day, or an option with a realistic piano feel, should choose the Yamaha P71 Keyboard.

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