Casio CTK-2400 Discontinued – Buy This Instead!

Casio had been in this line of business for a long time. It had produced many a musical instrument with finesse. The Casio CTK-2400  Portable Keyboard is a way to nurture the composer in you and if you really want to learn to play a keyboard, then this should be it. It has been named as one of the best music pianos because of its varied features based on function. Here is a short description can be used for reference while buying a digital piano.

Benefits of the Casio CTK-2400 61- Key keyboard

Casio CTK2400 review


There are a few benefits of investing in a portable keyboard which is like:

  • The first thing that a digital keyboard popular for is for its portability
  • You get huge sound variation
  • The CTK2400 61 is well known for percussion functions
  • You get 400 AHL voices to practice with
  • Moreover, the sound tells you that you have not done any wrong trusting a brand name like Casio
  • Casio has set a standard once again with this equipment
  • Microphone adds to your amusement

Features of the Casio CTK2400 61- Key Portable Keyboard


There are a couple of features that the CTK2400 61- Key is admired for. They are as follows:

  1. BrandCasio is a name that you can rely on without a second thought. This is a brand that needs no introduction as people all over the world know about it. It is a brand that people look up to and there are no qualms about.


  1. Realistic touch – The stereo has clear speakers and has Acoustic & Highly-compressed Large-waveform (AHL) that can convey 400 songs for you to practice. You can also add special and funny effects to your songs. There is a 48 note polyphony sound that adds a melodious touch to the songs. The fact that you can finger the keys makes it more realistic and helps you practice with organs, brass instruments, and drums.


  1. Display – The LCD display is easy to read and helps you learn well. You can enjoy the display and take advantage of it while playing to learn in the best possible ways.


  1. Learning – Learning to play a digital keyboard was never so much fun but this piano has managed to do so in an effortless way. The built-in songs help you learn different rhapsodies and you slowly become a pro in no time at all.


  1. Technology – The USB port and computer connectivity to enjoy your songs at your at your own convenience. You can record and listen to the songs that can help you hone your skills in a positive way.


The best piano keyboards in the world may have more than this but the asking of Casio CTK2400 61 makes it a must have for all beginners. It is quite normal for beginners to invest in less expensive instruments when they start out. However, they need something that has all the features of a professional musical instrument. This is the solution for that without a doubt.