Korg SV1 Review: Discontinued Model, Buy This Instead!

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Unfortunately, the Korg SV1 is discontinued. Although the review for this piano keyboard is still found below, we recommend checking out the following link for the new and improve Korg Sv2.

Korg SV2 Keyboard Piano


Korg SV1 Review: This Keyboard is Discontinued!

The Korg SV1 is a sleek vintage piano with a curvaceous body. It also offers an elegant on-stage appearance. It is known for its retro-style controls and matte black finish.

Oozing desirability and a high level of playability, this piano has been crafted using Korg’s Real Experience (RX) technology.

Each sound that it produces is an authentic re-creation of style and dynamics. It has not only one, but multiple sounds.

Whether you prefer a German or Japanese grand piano, or its grand vintage piano sounds, this Korg will not disappoint, as it’s one of the best keyboard piano brands on the market.

Product Features

SV-1 is a company that has been captivating audiences since 2009. This new addition to its list of instruments will surpass your expectations in terms of melody.

It is the best compendium of transistorized and digital keyboards that have ever been found on a single instrument.

It boasts of the following features:

· Intuitive interface

Designed with the concert performer in mind, the piano has a simple and intuitive interface. It also comes with a number of front-panel essential controls that are easy to access, even for a performer who has never used the piano before.

This will ensure that you do confuse the multiple button presses when looking for a particular melody.

It also consists of eight buttons that call up all of your eight favorite sounds. In case you want to store your favorite sounds, you simply need to adjust your settings.

· Keyboard, tuning curves

The piano consists of eight of keyboard tuning curves which include the piano stretch and detuned among others. Tuning can be done through the function button. It can also be adjusted using the treble control option.

· Sound generation

The Korg SV1  sound generation can be controlled using the following options:

a) Equalizer

This option can be controlled from the front panel. It also makes it easy to shape the tone and quality of the sound that the piano produces.


This option provides all the essentials for adding vintage quality to any sound.

c) Modulation FX

This sound processing option gives the piano its signature sounds.

d) AMP Model

The model is used for the sole purpose of adding color, edge and drive to the sound.

e) Limiter

It makes it possible to balance your sounds, especially when looking for distinct melodies.

f) Reverb/Delay

The vintage piano provides four reverbs. They include; Room, Tape Echo, Stereo Delay, and Plate.

· 73 keys

Korg sv1 73 has a combination of stunning piano sounds and graded hammer action. It provides an array of sounds, making it the ultimate companion for a concert performer.

· Connectivity

A pro piano will be incomplete without good connections. As such, the piano has two pedals that allow for a higher level of connectivity.

They both provide extra connectivity.

. Editor software

This feature provides incredible graphic-based programming. It also makes it possible for favorite sounds to be saved individually.


· A unique-looking vintage piano with a black matte finish

· Offers excellent action and dig-in ability

· Boasts of rich and diverse sounds

· Includes a reliable front panel for live alterations

· Allows for the easy saving of custom sounds

· Easily portable, thus convenient to carry from place to place

· Authentic and realistic sounds that make the vintage-style piano one of a kind

· Highly responsive and can be played under all conditions

·Touch-sensitive keys

· Easy to use even for beginners

· Comes with its own of pre-programmed music

· Good overall construction that makes the piano highly durable

· Intuitive panel with functional knobs

· Headphone output for performers who prefer this option


· The korg sv1 does not come with any speakers. Therefore, it may not be the best option for a gigging musician.

· The effects can only be used one at a time. The piano does not allow for multi-tasking.

· Limited sound selection

Final Verdict

You will not need to look any further for the best vintage piano. This tells you all that you need to know about this incredible selection.

It offers the best variations of British, Italian and American organs.

In addition to this, it also has a variety of sound palettes that enhance a performance. The attention to detail and Real Experience (RX) makes the piano one of a kind.

Whether you are a hobbyist, practicing musician or an all-round performer, this vintage piano will come alive as you play it.