Casio LK 265 Keyboard is Discontinued, Buy This Instead!

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Unfortunately, the Casio LK 265 was discontinued for USA customers in 2021. It was an ideal choice for every aspiring keyboard or piano player, but it was replaced by the Casio LK-S models. These newer model pianos offer better sound quality, portability, a light up keys to help you learn.

In the following article, I’ll give you the replacements and an alternative to the Casio LK 265, then provide you with a review just in case you want to buy a used version.


Casio LK 265 Replacement Models

When Casio replaced the LK 265, they tried to make the new models have better sound quality, keyboard feel, and portability. The two models are shown below.

Casio LK-S250

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The Casio LK-S250 has 61 full-size touch responsive light up keys, making it easy to learn with. It also includes 60 built-in sons and a lesson system to assist beginners. There are 400 tones, 77 rhythms, and 10 types of reverb. It includes an LCD display and the ability to connect to the Chordana Play iOS/Android app.

Casio LK-S450

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The Casio LK-S450 has an amazing collection of great-sounding Tones and Rhythms, light up keys, and a built-in learning system. It offers the same features as the LK-S250 above, plus better speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and the ability to run on batteries instead of its built-in power source.

Alternative Option to the Casio LK 265

RockJam 61 Keyboard Kit

rockjam 61

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The RockJam 61 Key Keyboard kit is a more affordable option than Casio while keeping many of the same features. It has light-up keys, multiple tones, and a built-in learning system. The best part about this keyboard piano is that it comes with a stand, microphone, and headphones.

Casio LK 265 Keyboard Review

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Casio is a great brand of piano keyboards, and the Casio LK 265 keyboard is a clear sign of Casio getting a step closer to making an impeccable entry level keyboard. This instrument has many features like the weighted 61 keys and LCD that direct your finger positioning. With the portable design, a student can carry the instrument to and from the practice room without any struggle.

It incorporates some of the best Casio learn music features, like the lighted keyboard, to teach you how to play built-in songs. It shows you the correct hand positioning and the music notation. There is also a scoring system where you can track your progress and show you how well you are doing with your practice (this can be a good tool for children who need a bit of inspiration).

It has 400 instrument sounds, 60 built-in songs, 100 rhythms, 48 poly phonies  and the ability to access Casio’s Chordana play keyboard app. These are more than enough features to help you become an expert. This Casio makes keyboard learning fun and irresistible for any beginner keyboard player

With features like the dance music mode, you can get budding musicians engaged and enable them to have a positive experience in creating any kind of music they listen to on their daily basis. With this, you get into the mood of creating more, and learn even faster.

If you purchase this keyboard, you’ll definitely see the LK-265 is fun, and will suck any aspiring musician into music right after the first encounter. Hopefully, our Casio LK 265 61-key keyboard review will help you make the choice to purchase this great machine. 


  • Lots of different options as far as instruments and backup beats to choose from
  • Decent sounding speakers if you choose not to use the headphones
  • Keys are easy to play and move freely
  • Great keyboard piano under $300
  • Good beginner setup to learn on
  • High-quality build lasts for many years


  • It goes out of stock often


  • 61 full size and touch sensitive keys
  • Under $300
  • Key lighting system
  • AC adapter and battery power option
  • Built-in speakers and headphone connection capabilities
  • Direct connection to Casio’s Chordana app

Portable Design

The design of a keyboard might not be a primary feature when you’re looking for a keyboard, but it’s worth considering. The Casio LK 265 keyboard has a simple design that is robust enough to prepare budding musicians to eventually play  an actual piano.

Its plastic full-size key tops can easily fit your fingers when playing, which enables you to practice good hand position to even play on an acoustic piano.

The LK-265 comes with a control panel and user interface set in the middle for easy access during a performance. Furthermore, its design is compact enough to fit in a small room or in the back of a vehicle. 

It’s also easily portable, weighing only 7.9 lbs. and a player can carry it around, making it ideal for students who use an instrument for lessons at school and back home for more practice.

Sound Quality

Although Casio hasn’t focused much on the sound of this model, the quality is still crisp and clear. You can listen from two built-in speakers 2 x 3.9″, 2W on each side, connect to a pair of headphones or use speakers for piano keyboards for more amplified sound.

To sound even better, the Casio LK 265 keyboard comes with 400 tones, over 100 programmed rhythms 60 built-in songs and 48 polyphonies, making it easier to practice even complex types of music.

There’s a dance mode feature that enables players to create and remix electronic music from 50 EDM styles, choose from variations of baselines, drumbeats, synth parts and even polish their music by adding filters like flange, roll, gate, low-fi among others.

Keyboard Sensitivity

Although it doesn’t have weighted keys, the Casio LK 265 keyboard comes with a full-size lightweight and touch-sensitive keyboard which gives you a good platform to practice on. It comes with 61 piano style lighted keys, making it more portable and efficient to play most music without the need to adjust the settings.

With its touch sensitivity, the volume will change depending on how hard or soft you press the keys. This makes it easy to express yourself when playing this instrument. Moreover, there are lighted keys that enable a beginner to understand what key to press and when learning, making it easier, especially for younger musicians.


The Casio LK 265 keyboard comes with two built-in speakers which measure 3.9” each producing 2W amp. The speakers produce decent sound considering it’s a beginner’s instrument.

The sound is loud enough for a performance in a small room without the need for external speakers. However, if you need to play for a larger audience or play along with other instruments, you can add an amplifier. It also has volume control features and a headphone port, allowing you to practice even in noisy environments.


Casio LK 265 keyboard comes with a 48 note polyphony that is more than enough for an entry instrument. With these, the instrument is able to store enough notes to produce a richer sound than other instruments at the same level, enabling you to play even complex music pieces without losing notes.


The Casio LK 265 keyboard comes with different connection ports and the ability to connect to different devices. These include:

  • Headphones

If you want to practice in silence, you can easily plug in a pair of headphones in the ¼ jack input. Once you do, the built-in speakers automatically shut down enabling you to practice without disturbing others. If you want louder sound, you can use the port to connect to an external amplifier or speakers.

  • Microphone and AUX input

The Casio LK 265 keyboard comes with microphone and aux input port. With this, you can easily play the instrument while singing along to the built-in songs or your own songs. You can also connect it to other instruments and play them together without an amplifier.

  • Sustain pedal port

If you are looking for a more realistic and satisfactory piano practice and performance, there is no need to go far. With the LK 265 keyboard, you can plug in a sustain pedal to get a real piano practice experience.

  • Direct connection to Chordana Play App

You can seamlessly connect the Casio LK 265 keyboard with Casio’s Chordana play app to make the keyboard learning more fun. When you sync the instrument with the app, you can use it for a few different things. 

First, the app can use the lighted keys to guide you on how to play your favorite songs. You can also share different music tracks with your instrument by downloading your favorite songs to your device in MIDI file format, then sync your device with the instrument and enjoy your playlist.

In addition, you can transfer downloaded music to the keyboard piano and use it later even when the device is not connected.

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Is the Casio LK 265 Keyboard Piano Worth the Money?

This keyboard is very affordable, stylish, and easy to play. It has everything a beginner needs and all the extra bells and whistles included in a pricier model. It is one of the best keyboard pianos for beginners I have seen, but unfortunately it’s discontinued. 


If you are looking for a keyboard that’s affordable and great for beginners, the Casio LK 265 key keyboard piano is a great choice, but it was discontinued in 2021. If you are looking for the newest option, check out the Casio LK-S450. The great price point, rich features, and quality make this a keyboard we recommend.

If you don’t like this keyboard, check out the Hamzer keyboard piano instead.