Hamzer Keyboard Review: Is it the Best Choice?

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When doing the Hamzer keyboard review, we looked at all of its specs and how they compare to other piano keyboards. Overall, it’s a great intro digital keyboard. It is a perfect keyboard for beginners or intermediate players looking for an affordable option. 

The reason I love this Hamzer keyboard piano for beginners is because it’s a kit that includes everything you need to start playing immediately, just like the RockJam 61 key keyboard kit. It comes with accessories a beginner won’t already have, like a keyboard stand, microphone, headset, and padded seat. 

Additionally, it includes teaching features to help you learn how to play like rhythms you can play along with, and a stand to place your learning material.

If you decide you have been playing the piano keyboard for a long time, or are an avid piano player looking for a keyboard with a more realistic feel, this option isn’t for you. The keys are slightly closer together than a traditional piano, and it has toy-like feel when you play.  

Keep reading below to see the rest of my Hamzer keyboard review. I focus on the 61 key option as it’s really the only option I would buy. If you want an 88 key keyboard piano, there are better options than Hamzer.


Hamzer Keyboard Review

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The Hamzer 61 key keyboard piano, designed for beginners, features 61 keys, and aims to provide a traditional feel, while remaining portable. The keyboard comes with a complete set of transparent stickers to label the keys. This helps to provide some learning help and simplifying the time it takes to learn piano keys. 

The keyboard allows single-fingered and fingered auto-bass chords. You have the ability to select chord timbre, program rhythm, and record and playback music. Utilize features such as vibrato, sustain, and ensemble to create the best songs. Additional features include rhythm sync, tempo control, and volume customization. 

Built-in speakers feature rich sound. The keyboard comes complete with 255 Timbres, 255 rhythms, 61 keyboard percussion, and 24 demonstration songs. Stereo outputs and a headphone jack can be used to listen through external speakers or with the included headphones. You can also hook up a microphone to sing and play out through the speakers. 

It comes ready for a beginner to get started right out of the box. The metal keyboard stand is sturdy and has three positions sure to suit any player. A cushioned seat offer you the comfort to play seated for long periods of time. It has a power adapter included, but also accepts batteries if you want to take it to go.


  • Comes with sturdy stand, nice seat, decent headphones, and mic
  • Lots of different options as far as instruments and backup beats to choose from
  • Decent sounding speakers if you choose not to use the headphones
  • Keys are easy to play and move freely
  • Good beginner setup to learn on
  • Works as advertised
  • Items were well packaged


  • Keys don’t feel like a real piano
  • The music sheet holder is a little flimsy


The Hamzer keyboard kit is a cheap keyboard piano, but it’s still high quality. It features a variety of features designed for beginners who want to learn how to play. Here are some of those great features: 

61 key keyboard

It has 61 keys to offer portability, but remains large enough range to play most music. It accepts batteries if you want to take it on the road. 

Great appearance and sound

The piano looks great, and has loud built in speakers, but also accepts aftermarket speakers for piano keyboards. The stand and seat match well with the keyboard.

High-quality build

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Hamzer is a well-respected brand. Their keyboard has a lasting quality and won’t break on you. 

Variety of sounds

The Hamzer keyboard comes pre-installed with a variety of different beats to play along with, and numerous instrument selections to edit your sound.  

Alternative Options

Is the Hamzer Keyboard Piano Worth the Money?

This keyboard is very affordable, making it a great value for the money. It has everything a beginner needs to start playing immediately and includes features found on pricier models. However, you get what you pay for, so if you are expecting a piano-realistic keyboard, you will be disappointed.

Is Hamzer a Good Keyboard Brand?

Yes, Hamzer is a good keyboard piano brand, but not the most realistic. They make a good quality product that lasts for a long time, but it is designed for beginners. 


Hopefully you received some good information in this Hamzer keyboard review. If you are looking for an affordable keyboard for beginners, the Hamzer 61 key keyboard piano is a fantastic choice. While it has its problems, the low price, variety of features, and included accessories make this kit something we recommend. If you want something nicer, check out the Yamaha PSR EW300.